Australian Opal Earrings - Opal Hoop Earrings

The Hileman Collection

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These Australian opal earrings are inlaid with some incredible opal. Five pieces of blue Australian opal with green flashes are masterfully inlaid in each of these small hoop earrings. These 4.5mm wide opal hoop earrings come with 14 karat gold posts and earring nuts. All of our opal earrings can be made in white gold and in other inlay materials by special order.

The opal inlaid in these earrings is genuine Australian opal, not a lab grown opal imitation. Due to the unique conditions under which opal is formed, it is nearly impossible to find two opals exactly the same. Opal is the only gemstone known to man to have the natural ability to diffract light. An opal’s color is created when the voids between the particles split light entering the stone. The size and alignment of the spheres and voids, as well as the light source, determines the colors produced by the opal. To view an opal’s color play at its best, the light source must be coming over your shoulder. An opal’s color can cover the full spectrum of the rainbow.

Earring Style #ER341

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